Hyundai Sonata: Automatic climate control system - Features of your vehicle - Hyundai Sonata Owners ManualHyundai Sonata: Automatic climate control system

1. Front windshield defrost button

1. Front windshield defrost button
2. Rear window defrost button
3. AUTO (automatic control) button
4. OFF button
5. Driver’s temperature control button
6. Mode indicator
7. Mode selection button
8. Fan speed indicator
9. Fan speed control button
10. Air intake control button
11. Air conditioning button
12. Dual temperature control selection knob
13. Passenger’s temperature control knob

Checking the amount of air conditioner refrigerant and compressor lubricant
When the amount of refrigerant is low, the performance of the air conditioning is reduced. Overfilling also has a negative influence on the air conditioning system. Therefore, if abnormal operatio ...

Automatic heating and air conditioning
The automatic climate control system is controlled by simply setting the desired temperature. The Full Automatic Temperature Control (FATC) system automatically controls the heating and cooling s ...

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