Chrysler 200: Bluetooth Streaming Audio (BTSA) - iPod /USB/MP3 Control — If Equipped - Understanding your instrument panel - Chrysler 200 Owners ManualChrysler 200: Bluetooth Streaming Audio (BTSA)

Music can be streamed from your cellular phone to the Uconnect™ phone system.

Controlling BTSA Using Radio Buttons

To get into the BTSA mode, press either “AUX” button on the radio or press the VR button and say “Bluetooth Streaming Audio”.

Play Mode

When switched to BTSA mode, some audio devices can start playing music over the vehicle’s audio system, but some devices require the music to be initiated on the device first, then it will get streamed to the Uconnect™ phone system. Seven devices can be paired to the Uconnect™ phone system, but just one can be selected and played.

Selecting Different Audio Device

1. Press PHONE button to begin.

2. After the Ready prompt and the following beep, say Setup , then Select Audio Devices .

3. Say the name of the audio device or ask the Uconnect™ phone system to list audio devices.

Next Track

Use the SEEK UP button, or press the VR button on the radio and say “Next Track” to jump to the next track music on your cellular phone.

Previous Track

Use the SEEK DOWN button, or press the VR button on the radio and say “Previous Track” to jump to the previous track music on your cellular phone.


Browsing is not available on a BTSA device. Only the current song that is playing will display info.

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