Toyota Camry: Conditions under which the SRS airbags may deploy (inflate), other 
than a collision - SRS airbags - Safety information - Before driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Conditions under which the SRS airbags may deploy (inflate), other than a collision

The SRS front airbags and SRS curtain shield airbags may also deploy if a serious impact occurs to the underside of your vehicle. Some examples are shown in the illustration.

●Hitting a curb, edge of pavement or

●Hitting a curb, edge of pavement or hard surface
●Falling into or jumping over a deep hole
●Landing hard or falling

    SRS airbag deployment conditions (SRS side and curtain shield airbags)
    ●The SRS side and curtain shield airbags will deploy in the event of an impact that exceeds the set threshold level (the level of force corresponding to the impact force produced by an appro ...

    Types of collisions that may not deploy the SRS airbags (SRS front airbags)
    The SRS front airbags do not generally inflate if the vehicle is involved in a side or rear collision, if it rolls over, or if it is involved in a low-speed frontal collision. But, whenever a ...

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