Chrysler 200: Control Buttons - Mini-Trip Computer — If Equipped - Understanding your instrument panel - Chrysler 200 Owners ManualChrysler 200: Control Buttons

Mini-Trip Control Buttons
Mini-Trip Control Buttons

STEP Button

Press the STEP button located on the steering wheel to scroll through sub menus (i.e., Temperature, Trip Functions:

Odometer, Trip A, Trip B).

RESET Button

To reset the display shown, turn the ignition switch to the ON position, then press and hold the RESET button located on the steering wheel.

The following displays can be reset or changed:
• Trip A
• Trip B

Trip Odometer (ODO)

This display shows the distance traveled since the last reset. Press and release the STEP button on the instrument cluster to switch from odometer, to Trip Aor Trip B.

Trip A

Shows the total distance traveled for Trip A since the last reset.

Trip B

Shows the total distance traveled for Trip B since the last reset.

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