Subaru Legacy: Control panel - Automatic climate control system (if equipped) - Climate control - Subaru Legacy Owners ManualSubaru Legacy: Control panel

1) Temperature control button (driver’s side)

1) Temperature control button (driver’s side)
2) Dual mode button
3) Airflow mode selection button
4) Fan speed control button
5) Temperature control button (front passenger’s side)
6) AUTO button
7) OFF button
8) Air inlet selection button
9) Defroster button
10) Rear window defogger button (Refer to “Defogger and deicer” F3-34.)
11) Air conditioner button

Automatic climate control system (if equipped)
NOTE ● Operate the automatic climate control system when the engine is running. ● The blower fan rotates at a low speed when the engine coolant temperature is low. For efficient defog ...

AUTO button
FULL AUTO mode operation: When the “AUTO” button is pressed, the indicator light “FULL AUTO” on the display illuminates. In this state, fan speed, airflow distribution, air-inlet control, ...

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