BMW 5 Series: Controls - Rear entertainment - Entertainment - BMW 5 Series Owners ManualsBMW 5 Series: Controls

Almost all functions can be operated in the same manner as they are in the front. Special features of operating the system in the rear are described here.

Audio/video playback


Audio can be played back via rear entertainment from any source in the vehicle.

Operation is the same as for the front audio playback


Video can be played back in the rear from the following sources:

▷ DVD changer.
▷ Rear CD/DVD player.
▷ External device in rear.

If a video image is being played back in the rear, the rear CD/DVD player cannot be selected in the front.

Operation is the same as for the front video playback


When the same radio source is selected in the front and rear (e.g., FM/AM), the same radio station is played.

Operation is the same as for the front radio



When the same audio source (front CD/DVD player, rear CD/DVD player, DVD changer) is selected in the front and rear, the same material is played.

Operation is the same as for the front CD/DVD

Notes on CDs/DVDs

Music collection

Music can only be stored and data can only be exported and imported via the front CD/DVD player or the USB interface in the glove compartment.

When music collections are selected in the front and rear, they are played back separately.

Operation is the same as for the front music collection


Only treble and bass can be set in the rear. The settings are made separately for the left and right headphones.

Operation is the same as for the front tone


Operation is the same as for the front contacts.


Route planning can be performed separately on the left and right sides in the rear. Destination guidance can only be started from the front.

Operation is the same as for the front navigation

Suggesting a destination

A destination or trip can be sent to the front as a suggestion. The suggestion can be adopted, stored, or declined in the front. This function is not available with the following setting: "Driver control".

1. Enter the destination.
2. "Suggest destination"

BMW Assist

Operation is the same as for BMW Assist in the front


The following settings are available:

▷ "Rear displays"
▷ "Language/Units": language can be set globally for all screens.
▷ "Tone"
▷ If necessary. "Climate".

Vehicle information

Computer content can be displayed. Operation is only possible in the front.

Options menu

The split screen is not available and there is no Integrated Owner's Manual.

Operation is the same as for the front menu options

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