Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Deactivating/activating ESP® (except 
AMG vehicles) - ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) - Driving safety systems - Safety - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners ManualMercedes-Benz E-Class: Deactivating/activating ESP® (except AMG vehicles)

ESP® should not be deactivated during normal driving other than in the circumstances described below. Disabling the system will reduce vehicle stability in driving maneuvers.

Do not deactivate ESP® when the emergency or spare wheel is mounted.

ESP® is activated automatically when the engine is started.

It may be best to deactivate ESP® in the following situations:
- when using snow chains
- in deep snow
- on sand or gravel

Switch on ESP® immediately if one of the previously stated conditions is no longer met.

Otherwise, ESP® cannot stabilize the vehicle if it begins to lurch or when a wheel spins.

If you deactivate ESP®:
- ESP® no longer improves driving stability.
- the engine's torque is no longer limited and the drive wheels can spin. The spinning of the wheels results in a cutting action, which provides better grip.
- traction control is still activated.
- ESP® still provides support when you brake.
If ESP® is deactivated and one or more wheels start to spin, the lamp in ESP® warning lamp in the instrument cluster flashes. In such situations, ESP® will not stabilize the vehicle.

•► To deactivate:. The instrument cluster lights up. ESP® OFF warning lamp in the instrument cluster lights up.

When the is lit, ESP® OFF warning lamp is lit, ESP® is deactivated.

If the ESP® OFF warning lamp remain lit, ESP® warning lamp and the ESP® is not available due to a malfunction. ESP® OFF warning lamp remain lit, ESP® is not available due to a malfunction.

When ESP® is deactivated or not operational, vehicle stability in standard driving maneuvers is reduced.

Adapt your speed and driving to the prevailing road conditions and to the non-operating status of the ESP®.

Avoid spinning the driven wheels for an extended period with ESP® deactivated.

You could otherwise damage the drivetrain.

•► To activate:.

The the ESP® OFF warning lamp in the instrument cluster goes out.

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