Toyota Camry: Electronic key battery depletion - Antenna location and effective range - Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk - Before driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Electronic key battery depletion

●The standard battery life is 1 to 2 years.

●If the battery becomes low, an alarm will sound in the cabin when the engine stops.

●As the electronic key always receives radio waves, the battery will become depleted even if the electronic key is not used. The following symptoms indicate that the electronic key battery may be depleted.

Replace the battery when necessary.

• The smart key system or the wireless remote control does not operate.
• The detection area becomes smaller.
• The LED indicator on the key surface does not turn on.

●To avoid serious deterioration, do not leave the electronic key within 3 ft.

(1 m) of the following electrical appliances that produce a magnetic field:
• TVs
• Personal computers
• Cellular phones, cordless phones and battery chargers
• Recharging cellular phones or cordless phones
• Glass top ranges
• Table lamps

    If the smart key system does not operate properly
    ●Locking and unlocking the doors: Use the mechanical key. ●Starting the engine ...

    If the smart key system has been deactivated in a customized setting
    ●Locking and unlocking the doors: Use the wireless remote control or mechanical key. ●Starting the engine and changing “ENGINE START STOP” switch modes. ●Stopping the engin ...

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