Dodge Avenger: Engine compartment — 2.4L - Maintaining your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Engine compartment — 2.4L



1 — Engine Coolant Reservoir.

7 — Air Cleaner Filter.

2 — Power Steering Fluid Reservoir.

8 — Engine Oil Fill.

3 — Automatic Transmission Dipstick.

9 — Coolant Pressure Cap.

4 — Brake Fluid Reservoir.

10 — Engine Oil Dipstick.

5 — Integrated Power Module.

11 — Washer Fluid Reservoir.

6 — Power Distribution Center.

    Engine compartment — 2.7L
    ENGINE COMPARTMENT — 2.7L 1 — Engine Coolant Reservoir. 7 — Power Distribution Center. 2 — Coolant Pressure Cap. 8 — Air Cleaner Filter. 3 — Power Steering Fluid Reservoir. 9 — ...

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