Toyota Camry: If the key battery is depleted - Wireless remote control/electronic key battery - Do-it-yourself maintenance - Maintenance and care - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: If the key battery is depleted

The following symptoms may occur:

●The smart key system and wireless remote control will not function properly.

●The operational range will be reduced.

■Removed battery and other parts
Keep away from children. These parts are small and if swallowed by a child, they can cause choking. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury.

■For normal operation after replacing the battery
Observe the following precautions to prevent accidents:
●Always work with dry hands.
Moisture may cause the battery to rust.
●Do not touch or move any other components inside the remote control.
●Do not bend either of the battery terminals.

    Use a CR2016 (vehicles without a smart key system) or CR2032 (vehicles with a smart key system) lithium battery
    ●Batteries can be purchased at your Toyota dealer, local electrical appliance shops or camera stores. ●Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. ...

    Checking and replacing fuses
    If any of the electrical components do not operate, a fuse may have blown. If this happens, check and replace the fuses as necessary. Vehicles without a smart key system: Turn the engine swit ...

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