Toyota Camry: If the SRS airbags deploy (inflate) - SRS airbags - Safety information - Before driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: If the SRS airbags deploy (inflate)

●Bruising and slight abrasions may result from contact with a deploying (inflating) SRS airbag.

●A loud noise and white powder will be emitted.

●Parts of the airbag module (steering wheel hub, airbag cover and inflator) as well as the seats, parts of the front and rear pillars, and roof side rails, may be hot for several minutes. The airbag itself may also be hot.

●The windshield may crack.

●For Safety Connect subscribers, if the SRS airbags deploy or in the event of a severe rear-end collision, the system is designed to send an emergency call to the response center, notifying them of the vehicle’s location (without needing to push the “SOS” button) and an agent will attempt to speak with the occupants to ascertain the level of emergency and assistance required. If the occupants are unable to communicate, the agent automatically treats the call as an emergency and helps to dispatch the necessary emergency services.

    SRS airbag system components
    1 Front impact sensors 2 Front passenger occupant classification system (ECU and sensors) 3 Knee airbags 4 Side impact sensors (front door) 5 Side impact sensors (front) 6 Front passenger airba ...

    SRS airbag deployment conditions (SRS front airbags)
    ●The SRS front airbags will deploy in the event of an impact that exceeds the set threshold level (the level of force corresponding to an approximately 12 - 18 mph [20 - 30 km/h] frontal col ...

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