Toyota Camry: Operating a USB memory - Using the audio system - Interior features - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Operating a USB memory

Connecting a USB memory enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers.

■ Connecting a USB memory

Push the lid.

Push the lid.

Open the cover and connect a

Open the cover and connect a USB memory.

Turn on the power of the USB memory if it is not turned on.

repeatedly until “USB” is Press displayed. repeatedly until “USB” is displayed.

■ Control panel

Selecting and scanning a folder

Compatible models
The following iPod®, iPod nano®, iPod classic®, iPod touch® and iPhone® devices can be used with this system. ●Made for • iPod touch (4th generation) • iPod touch (3rd generation) ...

Selecting and scanning a folder
■ Selecting a folder Press or to select the desired folder. ■ Returning to the first file of the first folder Press and hold until you hear a beep. ■ Scanning the first fil ...

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