Buick LaCrosse: Playing a DVD-V - CD/DVD Player - Audio Players - Infotainment System - Buick LaCrosse Owners ManualBuick LaCrosse: Playing a DVD-V

See Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) System for information about how to control a Video DVD using the wireless remote control.

Selecting a Chapter

Using the control buttons:

• Press to select the or previous or next chapter. to select the previous or next chapter.

• Turn the TUNE knob.

Using the DVD menu:

1. Turn the Menu knob.

2. Select Chapter List.

3. Select the chapter.

Selecting a Title

1. Turn the Menu knob.

2. Select Title List.

3. Select the title.

Changing the Audio Stream

1. Turn the Menu knob.

2. Select Audio Stream.

3. Select Change Audio Stream.

4. Press SELECT to change the selection.

Select Cancel to exit the menu.

Pausing a DVD

1. Turn the Menu knob.

2. Select Pause to pause the disc.

Select Unpause to start playback.

Navigating the DVD-V Disc Menu

Use the following actions to navigate the title menu on a DVD-V Disc.
• Select/Enter
• Cursor UP
• Cursor DOWN
• Cursor RIGHT
• Cursor LEFT
• Up Menu

Use the following actions to navigate the menu on a DVD-V Disc while playing chapters.
• Pause (Play)
• Chapter List
• Title List

To navigate the menu:
1. Turn the Menu knob.
2. Select the action.

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