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 Push-Button Ignition
 Push-Button Ignition Switch


Do not operate the push-button ignition switch while driving the vehicle except in an emergency. (The engine will stop when the ignition switch is pushed 3 consecutive times in quick succession or the ignition switch is pushed and held for more than 2 seconds.) If the engine stops while the vehicle is being driven, this could lead to a crash and serious injury.

When the ignition switch is pushed without depressing the brake pedal, the ignition switch position will illuminate as follows:

Push the ignition switch center:

- once to change to ACC.

- two times to change to ON.

- three times to return to OFF.

The ignition switch will automatically return to the LOCK position when any door is either opened or closed with the switch in the OFF position.

The steering wheel is equipped with an anti-theft steering lock device (if so equipped).

The ignition lock is designed so that the ignition switch position cannot be switched to OFF until the shift selector is moved to the P (Park) position.

When the ignition switch cannot be pushed toward the OFF position, proceed as follows:

1. Move the shift selector into the P (Park) position.

2. Push the ignition switch. The ignition switch position will change to the ON position.

3. The steering wheel lock (if so equipped) is designed to prevent steering in case of vehicle theft.

The shift selector can be moved from the P (Park) position if the ignition switch is in the ON position and the brake pedal is depressed.

For models with a steering wheel lock mechanism:

- In order for the steering wheel to be locked, it must be turned about 1/8 of a right or left turn from the straight up position.

c To lock the steering wheel, push the ignition switch to the LOCK position.

To unlock the steering wheel:

push the ignition switch to the OFF position and open any door.

with the ignition switch in the ON position and any door open, push the ignition switch to the OFF position and close the door.

If the steering wheel lock release malfunction indicator appears on the vehicle indicator display, push the ignition switch again while lightly turning the steering wheel right and left. See Vehicle Information Display in the Instruments and Controls section of this manual.

If the battery of the vehicle is discharged, the push-button ignition switch cannot be moved from the LOCK position.

Some indicators and warnings for operation are displayed on the vehicle information display. See Vehicle information display in the Instruments and controls section of this manual.

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