Subaru Legacy: Remote transmitter program - Remote engine start system (dealer option) - Starting and operating - Subaru Legacy Owners ManualSubaru Legacy: Remote transmitter program

New transmitters can be programmed to the remote engine start system in the event that a transmitter is lost, stolen, damaged or additional transmitters are desired (the system will accept up to eight transmitters). New remote engine start transmitters can be programmed according to the following procedure.

1. Open the driver’s door (the driver’s door must remain opened throughout the entire process).
2. Depress and hold the brake pedal.
3. Turn the ignition switch to “ON” then “LOCK”, back to “ON” then “LOCK”, then back to “ON” again and leave the ignition “ON” throughout the programming process.
4. The system will flash the side marker lights, tail lights and front position lights and honk the horn three times, indicating that the system has entered the transmitter learn mode.
5. Press and release the “ ” button on the transmitter that you want to program.
6. The system will flash the side marker lights, tail lights and front position lights and honk the horn one time, indicating that the system has learned the transmitter. Upon successful programming, the remote start confirmation transmitter button will flash one time.
7. Repeat step 5 for any additional transmitters (the system will accept up to eight transmitters).
8. The system will exit the transmitter learn mode if the key is turned to the “LOCK” position, the door is closed or after 2 minutes.

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