Toyota Camry: Selecting shift ranges in the “D” position - Automatic transmission (vehicles with paddle shift switches) - Driving procedures - When driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Selecting shift ranges in the “D” position

To drive using temporary shift range selection, operate the “-”paddle shift switch. The shift range can then be selected by operating the “-” and “+” paddle shift switches. Changing the shift range allows restriction of the highest gear, preventing unnecessary upshifting and enabling the level of engine braking force to be selected.

1 Upshifting

1 Upshifting
2 Downshifting

The selected shift range, from “1” to “5”, or “D” will be displayed in the meter.

To return to normal “D” position driving, the “+” paddle shift switch must be held down for a period of time.

When a shift range higher than “5” is selected, the shift range will return to the normal D position.

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