Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Setting a speed - Cruise control - Driving systems - Driving and parking - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners ManualMercedes-Benz E-Class: Setting a speed

Keep in mind that it may take a brief moment until the vehicle has made the necessary adjustments.

Increase or decrease the set vehicle speed to a value that the prevailing road conditions and legal speed limits permit. Otherwise, sudden and unexpected acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle could cause an accident and/ or serious injury to you and others.

•► Press the cruise control lever up 1 for a higher speed or down 2 for a lower speed.

•► Keep the cruise control lever pressed until the desired speed is reached.

•► Release the cruise control lever.

The new speed is stored.

Cruise control is not deactivated if you depress the accelerator pedal. For example, if you accelerate briefly to overtake, cruise control adjusts the vehicle's speed to the last speed stored after you have finished overtaking.

    Storing the current speed or calling up the last stored speed
    WARNING The set speed stored in memory should only be set again if prevailing road conditions and legal speed limits permit. Possible acceleration or deceleration differences arising from ...

    Making adjustments in 1 mph (Canada:

    1 km/h) increments

    •► Briefly press the cruise control lever to the pressure point, up 1 for a higher speed or down 2 for a lower speed. The last speed stored is increased or reduced. ...

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