Mercedes-Benz E-Class: SETUP - AMG menu in AMG vehicles - Menus and submenus - On-board computer and displays - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners ManualMercedes-Benz E-Class: SETUP

SETUP shows the drive program, the ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) mode and the SPORT handling mode.

•► Press to select the AMG menu. on the steering wheel to select the AMG menu.

•► Press the SETUP is displayed. button repeatedly until SETUP is displayed.
•► Briefly press the AMG button on the center console.

1. Drive program (C/S/S+/M)

1. Drive program (C/S/S+/M)
2. ESP® mode (ON/OFF) or SPORT handling mode (SPORT)
3. Suspension tuning (COMFORT/SPORT/ SPORT+)

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