Toyota Camry: SRS airbags - Safety information - Before driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: SRS airbags

The SRS airbags inflate when the vehicle is subjected to certain types of severe impacts that may cause significant injury to the occupants. They work together with the seat belts to help reduce the risk of death or serious injury.

SRS front airbags

SRS front airbags

1 SRS driver airbag/front passenger airbag
Can help protect the head and chest of the driver and front passenger from impact with interior components
2 SRS knee airbags
Can help provide driver and front passenger protection

SRS side and curtain shield airbags

3 SRS front side airbags
Can help protect the torso of the front seat occupants
4 SRS rear side airbags
Can help protect the torso of occupants in the rear outer seats
5 SRS curtain shield airbags
Can help protect primarily the head of occupants in the outer seats

Correct driving posture
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SRS airbag system components
1 Front impact sensors 2 Front passenger occupant classification system (ECU and sensors) 3 Knee airbags 4 Side impact sensors (front door) 5 Side impact sensors (front) 6 Front passenger airba ...

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