Volvo S60: Taillight housing - Introduction - Maintenance and specifications - Volvo S60 Owners ManualVolvo S60: Taillight housing

The bulbs in the taillight cluster are replaced from inside the trunk (not the

The bulbs in the taillight cluster are replaced from inside the trunk (not the LED functions).


Before starting to replace a bulb, see page 306.

1. Remove the covers in the left/right panel to access the bulb holder.

2. Press the catches together and pull out the bulb holder.

3. Remove the defective bulb by pressing it in slightly and it turning counterclockwise before pulling it out.

4. Insert a new bulb, press it in slightly and turn it clockwise.

5. Press the bulb holder until it clicks into place and reinstall the cover.

    Turn signals
    1. Remove the headlight housing from the vehicle (see page 306). 2. Remove the cover by pulling it straight out. 3. Pull the holder to access the bulb. 4. Press in the bulb and turn it to remove ...

    Location of taillight bulbs
    Brake lights (LEDs) Brake light Backup light Turn signals Rear fog light (driver’s side only) NOTE If an error message remains in the display after a faulty bulb has been repla ...

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