Toyota Camry: When riding in an aircraft (vehicles with a wireless remote control) - Using the mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system) - Key information - Before driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: When riding in an aircraft (vehicles with a wireless remote control)

When bringing a key with wireless remote control function onto an aircraft, make sure you do not press any buttons on the key while inside the aircraft cabin. If you are carrying the key in your bag etc., ensure that the buttons are not likely to be pressed accidentally. Pressing a button may cause the key to emit radio waves that could interfere with the operation of the aircraft.

■To prevent key damage
Observe the following:
●Do not drop the keys, subject them to strong shocks or bend them.
●Do not expose the keys to high temperatures for long periods of time.
●Do not get the keys wet or wash them in an ultrasonic washer etc.
●Do not attach metallic or magnetic materials to the keys or place the keys close to such materials.
●Do not disassemble the keys.
●Do not attach a sticker or anything else to the surface of the key.
●Do not place the keys near objects that produce magnetic fields, such as TVs, audio systems and glass top ranges, or medical electrical equipment, such as low-frequency therapy equipment.
■Carrying the electronic key on your person (vehicles with a smart key system)
Carry the electronic key 3.9 in. (10 cm) or more away from electric appliances that are turned on. Radio waves emitted from electric appliances within 3.9 in. (10 cm) of the electronic key may interfere with the key, causing the key to not function properly.
■In case of a smart key system malfunction or other key-related problems (vehicles with a smart key system)
Take your vehicle with all the electronic keys provided with your vehicle to your Toyota dealer.
■When a vehicle key is lost (vehicles with a smart key system)
If the key remains lost, the risk of vehicle theft increases significantly. Visit your Toyota dealer immediately with all remaining electronic keys that was provided with your vehicle.

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