Dodge Avenger: Adding fuel - Starting and operating - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Adding fuel

Fuel Filler Cap (Gas Cap)

The gas cap is behind the fuel filler door, on the left rearquarter panel of the vehicle. If the gas cap is lost ordamaged, be sure the replacement cap is for use with thisvehicle.

Fuel Filler Door

Fuel Filler Door

After removing the gas cap, place the gas cap tether cableover a hook on the inside of the fuel door. This keeps thegas cap suspended away from and protects the vehicle’ssurface.

Tether Cable

Tether Cable

NOTE: If the gas cap is lost or damaged, be sure thereplacement cap is for use with this vehicle.


• Damage to the fuel system or emission controlsystem could result from using an improper fueltank filler tube cap (gas cap).

• A poorly fitting gas cap may cause the “MalfunctionIndicator Light (MIL)” to turn on.

• To avoid fuel spillage and overfilling, do not “topoff” the fuel tank after filling. When the fuelnozzle “clicks” or shuts off, the fuel tank is full.


• Never have any smoking materials lit in or nearthe vehicle when the gas cap is removed or thetank filled.

• Never add fuel when the engine is running. This isin violation of most state and federal fire regulationsand doing so will cause the MIL to turn on.

• A fire may result if gasoline is pumped into aportable container that is inside of a vehicle. Youcould be burned. Always place gas containers onthe ground while filling.


• Tighten the gas cap until you hear a “clicking” sound.

This is an indication that the gas cap is tightenedproperly. The MIL in the instrument cluster may turnon if the gas cap is not secured properly. Make surethat the gas cap is tightened each time the vehicle isrefueled.

• When the fuel nozzle “clicks” or shuts off, the fueltank is full.

Loose Filler Cap Message

If the vehicles diagnostic system determines that the fuelfiller cap in loose, improperly installed, or damaged, a“gASCAP” message will be displayed in the instrumentcluster. Tighten the gas cap until a “clicking” sound isheard. This is an indication that the gas cap is properlytightened. Press the trip odometer reset button to turn offthe message. If the problem persists, the message willappear the next time the vehicle is started. This mightindicate a damaged cap. If the problem is detected twicein a row, the system will turn on the MIL. Resolving theproblem will turn the MIL off.

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