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Calling up the compass

To obtain a correct display in rear-view

To obtain a correct display in rear-view mirror 1, the compass must be calibrated and the magnetic field zone must be set.

•► Press button 3 briefly.

The compass shows which direction the vehicle is currently traveling in: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W or NW.

Setting the compass

•► Determine your position using the following zone maps.

North America zone map

North America zone map

South America zone map

South America zone map

•► Press and hold button 3 for approximately three seconds.

The currently selected zone appears in compass display 2.

•► To select the zone: press button 3 repeatedly until the desired zone is selected.

The zone has been selected when compass display 2 shows the heading.

This takes a few seconds.

Calibrating the compass

•► Make sure that there is sufficient space for you to drive in a circle without impeding the remaining traffic.

In order to calibrate the compass correctly, observe the following points:

 - calibrate the compass in the open and not in the vicinity of steel constructions or highvoltage transmission lines.
 - switch off electrical consumers, for example, the climate control, windshield wipers or rear window defroster.
 - close all doors and the trunk lid/tailgate.

•► Switch the ignition on.

•► Press and hold button 3 for approximately six seconds until the C symbol appears in compass display 2.

•► Drive a full circle at approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) to 6 mph (10 km/h).

Once the calibration has been successfully completed, the current direction appears in compass display 2.

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