Nissan Altima: Connecting procedure - Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System with
Navigation System (if so equipped) - Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems - Nissan Altima Owners ManualNissan Altima: Connecting procedure

1. Press the SETTING button on the instrument panel and select the “Bluetooth” key on the display.

2. Select the “Connect Bluetooth” key.

2. Select the “Connect Bluetooth” key.

3. A popup box will appear on the screen,

3. A popup box will appear on the screen, prompting you to confirm that the connection is for the phone system. Select the “Yes” key.

4. When a PIN code appears on the screen,

4. When a PIN code appears on the screen, operate the Bluetooth cellular phone to enter the PIN code.

The connecting procedure of the cellular phone varies according to each cellular phone. See the cellular phone Owner’s Manual for details. You can also visit or call the NISSAN Consumer Affairs Department for instructions on connecting recommended cellular phones.

When the connecting is complete, the screen will return to the Bluetooth settings screen.

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