Nissan Maxima: Latch lower anchor location

Nissan Maxima: Latch lower anchor location - SafetySeats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system - Nissan Maxima A35 (2009-2014) Owners ManualNissan Maxima: Latch lower anchor location

 Latch lower anchor
 Latch lower anchor location

The Latch lower anchors are located at the rear of the seat cushion near the seatback. A label is attached to the seatback to help you locate the Latch lower anchors.

 Latch webbing-mounted
 Latch webbing-mounted attachment

Installing child restraint Latch lower anchor attachments Latch compatible child restraints include two rigid or webbing-mounted attachments that can be connected to two anchors located at certain seating positions in your vehicle. With this system, you do not have to use a vehicle seat belt to secure the child restraint. Check your child restraint for a label stating that it is compatible with Latch. This information may also be in the instructions provided by the child restraint manufacturer.

 Latch rigid-mounted
 Latch rigid-mounted attachment

The child restraint top tether strap must be used when installing the child restraint with the Latch lower anchor attachments or seat belts. See Top tether anchor for installation instructions.

When installing a child restraint, carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual and those supplied with the child restraint.

Top tether anchor


Do not allow cargo to contact the top tether strap when it is attached to the top tether anchor. Properly secure the cargo so it does not contact the top tether strap.

Cargo that is not properly secured or cargo that contacts the top tether strap may damage it during a collision. A child could be seriously injured or killed in a collision if the top tether strap is damaged.

 Top tether anchor
 Top tether anchor point locations

Anchor pointss are located on the rear parcel shelf.