Toyota Camry: Light bulbs - Do-it-yourself maintenance - Maintenance and care - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Light bulbs

You may replace the following bulbs by yourself. The difficulty level of replacement varies depending on the bulb. If necessary bulb replacement seems difficult to perform, contact your Toyota dealer.

For more information about replacing other light bulbs, contact your Toyota dealer.

■ Preparing for light bulb replacement

Check the wattage of the light bulb to be replaced.

■ Front bulb locations

■ Rear bulb locations

■ Rear bulb locations

Replacing light bulbs

Fuse layout and amperage ratings
■ Engine compartment Fuse block Fuse block on the back of the cover *1: 3.5 L V6 (2GR-FE) engine *2: 2.5 L 4-cylinder (2AR-FE) engine *3: Vehicles with halogen headlight *4: Vehi ...

Replacing light bulbs
■ Headlight high beam and daytime running light Turn the bulb base counterclockwise. Unplug the connector while depressing the lock release. ■ Headlight low beam (halogen bulb) ...

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