Dodge Avenger: Lights - Understanding the features of your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Lights

Multifunction Lever

The multifunction lever controls the operation of theparking lights, headlights, headlight beam selection,passing light, fog lights, instrument panel light dimmingand turn signals. The multifunction lever is located onthe left side of the steering column.

Multifunction Lever

Multifunction Lever

Headlights and Parking Lights

Turn the end of the multifunction lever to the first detentfor parking light operation. Turn to the second detent forheadlight operation.

Headlight Switch

Headlight Switch

Automatic Headlights — If Equipped

Turning the end of the multifunction lever to the thirddetent (AUTO), will activate the automatic headlightsystem.

Headlight Switch

Headlight Switch

With the engine running and the multifunction lever inthe AUTO position, the headlights will turn on and turnoff based on the surrounding light levels.

Headlight Time Delay

There is also a feature that delays turning off the vehiclelights for 30, 60 or 90 seconds after the ignition switch isturned OFF. To activate the headlight delay, the multifunctionlever must be rotated to the off position after theignition switch is turned OFF. Only the headlights willilluminate during this time. Refer to “Electronic VehicleInformation Center (EVIC)/Customer-ProgrammableFeatures” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” forfurther information.

Turn Signals

Move the multifunction lever up or down and the arrowson each side of the instrument cluster flash to showproper operation of the front and rear turn signal lights.

Turn Signal Control

Turn Signal Control

NOTE: If either light remains on and does not flash, orthere is a very fast flash rate, check for a defective outsidelight bulb. If an indicator fails to light when the lever ismoved, it would suggest that the indicator bulb isdefective.

Lane Change Assist

Tap the lever up or down once, without moving beyondthe detent, and the turn signal (right or left) will flashthree times then automatically turn off.

High/Low Beam Switch

Push the multifunction lever away from you to switchthe headlights to high beam. Pull the lever toward you, toswitch the headlights back to low beam.


You can signal another vehicle with your headlights bylightly pulling the multifunction lever toward you. Thiswill turn on the high beam headlights until the lever isreleased.

NOTE: If the multifunction lever is held in the flash-topassposition for more than 15 seconds, the high beamswill shut off. If this occurs, wait 30 seconds for the nextflash-to-pass operation.

Fog Lights — If Equipped

The front fog light switch is on the multifunctionlever. To activate the front

The front fog light switch is on the multifunctionlever. To activate the front fog lights, turn on theparking lights or the low beam headlights and pullout the end of the multifunction lever.

NOTE: The front fog lights will only operate with theheadlights on low beam. Selecting high beam headlightswill turn off the front fog lights.

Daytime Running Lights — If Equipped

The high beam headlights will turn on as DaytimeRunning Lights (DRL) and operate at lower intensitywhenever the ignition is ON, the engine is running, theheadlight switch is off, the parking brake is released andthe shift lever is in any position except PARK.

NOTE: The Daytime Running Lights will turn offautomatically when a turn signal is in operation and turnon again when the turn signal is not operating.

Lights On Reminder

If the headlights or parking lights are on after the ignitionis turned OFF, a chime will sound to alert the driverwhen the driver’s door is opened.

Instrument Panel Dimmer

Rotate the center portion of the lever to the extremebottom position to fully dim the instrument panel lightsand prevent the interior lights from illuminating when adoor is opened.

Rotate the center portion of the lever up to increase thebrightness of the instrument panel lights when the parkinglights or headlights are on.

Rotate the center portion of the lever upward to the nextdetent position to brighten the odometer and radio whenthe parking lights or headlights are on.

Rotate the center portion of the lever upward to the lastdetent to turn on the interior lighting.

Front Fog Light Control

Front Fog Light Control

Map/Reading/Interior Lights

These lights are mounted between the sun visors abovethe rearview mirror. Each light can be turned on bypressing the barrel. Press the barrel a second time to turnthe light off. Both of these lights can swivel so that thelight can be aimed at a specific spot, if desired. The lightswill remain on until the switch is pressed a second time,so be sure they have been turned off before leaving thevehicle. They will not turn off automatically. Interiorlighting also comes on when a door is opened or thedimmer control is turned fully upward, past the seconddetent.

Dimmer Control

Dimmer Control

There is a second light located midway back in theheadliner.

To protect the battery, the interior lights will turn offautomatically 10 minutes after the ignition switch ismoved to the LOCK position. This will occur if theinterior lights were switched on manually or are onbecause a door is open. To restore interior light operation,either turn the ignition switch ON or cycle the lightswitch.

Interior Dome Lamp

Interior Dome Lamp

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