Dodge Avenger: Maintenance schedule - Maintenance schedules - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Maintenance schedule

The oil change indicator system will remind you that it istime to take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance.

On Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)equipped vehicles “Oil Change Required” will be displayedin the EVIC and a single chime will sound,indicating that an oil change is necessary.

On Non-EVIC equipped vehicles “Change Oil” will flashin the instrument cluster odometer and a single chimewill sound, indicating that an oil change is necessary.

Based on engine operation conditions the oil changeindicator message will illuminate, this means that serviceis required for your vehicle. Have your vehicle serviced8 as soon as possible, within the next 500 miles (805 km).


• The oil change indicator message will not monitor thetime since the last oil change. Change your vehicles oilif it has been six months since your last oil change evenif the oil change indicator message is NOT illuminated.

• Change your engine oil more often if you drive yourvehicle off-road for an extended period of time.

• Under no circumstances should oil change intervalsexceed 6,000 miles (10 000 km) or six months, whichevercomes first.

Your authorized dealer will reset the oil change indicatormessage after completing the scheduled oil change. If ascheduled oil change is performed by someone otherthan your authorized dealer, the message can be reset byreferring to the steps described under “Electronic VehicleInformation Center (EVIC)/Oil Change Required” in“Understanding Your Instrument Panel” or under “InstrumentCluster Description/Odometer/Trip Odometer”in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” forfurther information.

At Each Stop for Fuel

• Check the engine oil level about five minutes after afully warmed engine is shut off. Checking the oil levelwhile the vehicle is on level ground will improve theaccuracy of the oil level reading. Add oil only whenthe level is at or below the ADD or MIN mark.

• Check the windshield washer solvent and add ifrequired.

Once a Month

• Check tire pressure and look for unusual wear ordamage.

• Inspect the battery and clean and tighten the terminalsas required.

• Check the fluid levels of coolant reservoir, brakemaster cylinder, and transmission and add as needed.

• Check all lights and other electrical items for correctoperation.

At Each Oil Change

• Change the engine oil filter.

• Inspect the brake hoses and lines.


Failure to perform the required maintenance itemsmay result in damage to the vehicle.

Required Maintenance Intervals

Refer to the Maintenance Schedules on the followingpages for the required maintenance intervals.

Months Maintenance Service Schedule


Months Maintenance Service Schedule

* PZEV = Partial Zero Emission Vehicle† This maintenance is recommended by the manufacturerto the owner, but is not required to maintain emissionswarranty.


• You can be badly injured working on or around amotor vehicle. Do only service work for which youhave the knowledge and the right equipment. Ifyou have any doubt about your ability to performa service job, take your vehicle to a competentmechanic.

• Failure to properly inspect and maintain yourvehicle could result in a component malfunctionand effect vehicle handling and performance. Thiscould cause an accident

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