Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Multifunction display - Displays and operation - On-board computer and displays - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners ManualMercedes-Benz E-Class: Multifunction display

Values and settings as well as display messages are shown in the multifunction display.

1. Description field

1. Description field
2. Menu bar
3. Drive program
4. Transmission position
5. Outside temperature or speed

•► To show menu bar 2: press the or  button on the steering wheel. or The following messages may appear in the button on the steering wheel.

The following messages may appear in the multifunction display:

Rear window wiper Parking Guidance

Adaptive Highbeam Assist Rear window wiper

ATTENTION ASSIST Adaptive Highbeam Assist

Lane Keeping Assist or Active ATTENTION ASSIST

Lane Keeping Assist Lane Keeping Assist or Active Lane Keeping Assist

HOLD HOLD function

Menus and submenusPRE-SAFE® Brake

    Back button
    Press briefly:  - Back  - Switches off the Voice Control System  - Hides display messages or calls up the last Trip menu function used  - Exits the telephone bo ...

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