Toyota Camry: Perchlorate Material

Toyota Camry: Perchlorate Material - For your information - Toyota Camry XV50 (2012–2017)  Owners ManualToyota Camry: Perchlorate Material

Special handling may apply, See

Your vehicle has components that may contain perchlorate. These components may include airbag, seat belt pretensioners, and wireless remote control batteries.

■General precautions while driving
Driving under the influence: Never drive your vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs that have impaired your ability to operate your vehicle.
Alcohol and certain drugs delay reaction time, impair judgment and reduce coordination, which could lead to an accident that could result in death or serious injury.
Defensive driving: Always drive defensively. Anticipate mistakes that other drivers or pedestrians might make and be ready to avoid accidents.
Driver distraction: Always give your full attention to driving. Anything that distracts the driver, such as adjusting controls, talking on a cellular phone or reading can result in a collision with resulting death or serious injury to you, your occupants or others.
■General precaution regarding children’s safety
Never leave children unattended in the vehicle, and never allow children to have or use the key.
Children may be able to start the vehicle or shift the vehicle into neutral.
There is also a danger that children may injure themselves by playing with the windows, the moon roof, or other features of the vehicle. In addition, heat build-up or extremely cold temperatures inside the vehicle can be fatal to children.