Dodge Avenger: Power windows - Things to know before starting your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Power windows

Power Window Switches

The window controls on the driver’s door trim paneloperate the door windows and the rear windows


• For vehicles not equipped with the Electronic VehicleInformation Center (EVIC), the power windowswitches will remain active for 45 seconds after theignition switch is turned to the LOCK position. Openingeither front door will cancel this feature.

• For vehicles equipped with the EVIC, the powerwindow switches will remain active for up to 10 minutesafter the ignition switch is turned to the LOCKposition. Opening either front door will cancel thisfeature. The time for this feature is programmable.

Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center(EVIC)/Personal Settings (Customer-ProgrammableFeatures)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel”for further information.

AUTO Power Window

AUTO Power Window Switch

There is a single window control on the passenger’s doortrim panel, which operates the passenger door window.

The window controls will operate when the ignitionswitch is turned to the ON or ACC position, and whenthe accessory delay feature is active.


Never leave children in a vehicle, with the keys inthe ignition switch. Occupants, particularly unattendedchildren, can become entrapped by the windowswhile operating the power window switches.

Such entrapment may result in serious injury ordeath.

Auto Window Down — If Equipped

The front window controls on the driver and passengerdoor trim panels have an Auto-Down feature. Theseswitches are labeled AUTO to indicate this capability.

Push the window switch past the first detent, release, andthe window will go down automatically.

To open the window part way, push the window switchto the first detent and release it when you want thewindow to stop.

To cancel the Auto-Down movement, operate the switcheither in the up or down direction and release the switch.

Auto Window Up — If Equipped

Lift the window switch to the second detent, release, andthe window will go up automatically.

To cancel the Auto Up movement, operate the switcheither in the up or down direction and release the switch.

To close the window part way, lift the window switch tothe first detent and release it when you want the windowto stop.


• If the window runs into any obstacle during autoclosure,it will reverse direction and then go backdown. Remove the obstacle and use the windowswitch again to close the window.

• Any impact due to rough road conditions may triggerthe auto reverse function unexpectedly during autoclosure.

If this happens, pull the switch lightly to thefirst detent and hold to close window manually.


When the window is almost closed, there is noanti-pinch protection. To avoid personal injury, besure to clear your arms, hands, fingers and all objectsfrom the window path before closing.

Reset Auto Up

Any time the vehicle battery goes dead, the Auto Upfunction will be disabled. To reactivate the Auto Upfeature, pull the window switch up to close the windowcompletely and continue to hold the switch up for anadditional two seconds after the window is closed.

Window Lockout Switch

The window lockout switch on the driver’s door allowsyou to disable the window control on the other doors. Todisable the window controls on the other doors, press thewindow LOCK button. To enable the window controls,press the window control button again.

Window Lockout Switch

Window Lockout Switch

Using the Remote Open Windows Feature withKey Fob – If Equipped

To lower the front windows using the RKE transmitterperform the following procedure:

1. Press and release the UNLOCK button on the transmitter.

2. Within five seconds, press and hold the UNLOCKbutton until the windows lower to the desired level oruntil they lower completely.

Wind Buffeting

Wind buffeting can be described as the perception ofpressure on the ears or a helicopter-type sound in theears. Your vehicle may exhibit wind buffeting with thewindows down, or the sunroof (if equipped) in certainopen or partially open positions. This is a normal occurrenceand can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs withthe rear windows open, then open the front and rearwindows together to minimize the buffeting. If thebuffeting occurs with the sunroof open, then adjust thesunroof opening to minimize the buffeting.

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