Mazda Mazda6: Rear Seat

Mazda Mazda6: Rear Seat - Essential Safety Equipment - Mazda6 GH1 / GH2 / GZ (2009-2013) Owners ManualMazda Mazda6: Rear Seat


Make sure luggage and cargo is secured before driving:

Not securing cargo while driving is dangerous as it could move or be crushed during sudden braking or a collision and cause injury.

Do not drive with the seatback unlocked:

All of the seatbacks play an important role in your protection in a vehicle. Leaving the seatback unlocked is dangerous as it can allow passengers to be ejected or thrown around and baggage to strike occupants in a sudden stop or collision, resulting in severe injury.

After returning the seatback at any time, even when there are no other passengers, rock the seatback to make sure it is locked in place.

Never give the car keys to children and do not allow them to play in the vehicle:

Playing with the folding rear seats is dangerous.

Always leave your car locked and keep the car keys safely away from children:

Leaving your car unlocked or the keys in reach of children is dangerous. Children who find their way into the trunk through an unlocked rear seatback or an open trunk can become accidentally locked in the trunk. This could result in death or brain damage from heat prostration, particularly in the summer. Always lock the doors and the trunk, and as an added measure, keep the rear seatbacks locked, whether you have children in your home or not.

Do not leave the key in your vehicle with children and keep them in a place where your children will not find or play with them:

Leaving children in a vehicle with the key is dangerous. This could result in someone being badly injured or even killed. Children may find these new kinds of keys to be an interesting toy to play with and could cause the power windows or other controls to operate, or even make the vehicle move.


When returning a rear seat to its original position, also replace the seat belt to its normal position. Verify that the seat belt pulls out and retracts.

Split-Folding Rear Seatback

The seatbacks can be folded down to provide more space in the trunk.

To fold down the seatbacks


Always remove the child-restraint system from the rear seat before operating the straps (in trunk) for the rear seat:

Operating (pulling) the straps (in trunk) while a rear-facing childrestraint system is in the rear seat is dangerous. It could cause injury to a child seated in the child-restraint system when the seatback suddenly flips forward.

Make sure there is nobody in the rear seat area before operating (pulling) the straps (in trunk):

Not checking the rear seat area for persons before folding the seatbacks down with the straps (in trunk) is dangerous. The rear seat area is difficult to see from the rear of the vehicle. Operating (pulling) the straps (in trunk) without checking could cause injury to a person when a seatback suddenly flips forward.


Before folding the seatbacks down with the straps (in trunk), make sure there is no cup in a rear cup holder.

Folding the seatbacks with the straps (in trunk) while a cup is in the cup holder could soil or damage the seat bottom and seatback.


Be careful of the following when using the straps (in trunk):

On a downward slope, the seatback could flip forward faster than on a flat surface.

1. After checking that the rear seats are clear, open the trunk and pull the

1. After checking that the rear seats are clear, open the trunk and pull the straps (in trunk) on the left and right sides of the trunk.

2. Open the rear door and fold the rear seatbacks forward.

To return the seatbacks to the upright position

1. Lift the seatbacks upright.

2. Pull on the top of the seatbacks from inside the vehicle to make sure they are locked.


Always make sure the seat belts are fully pulled out from under the seatbacks:

A seat belt caught under a seatback after the seatback is returned to its upright position is dangerous. In a collision or sudden stop, the seat belt cannot provide adequate protection.


The rear armrest in the center of the rear seatback can be used (no occupant

The rear armrest in the center of the rear seatback can be used (no occupant in the center seat) or placed upright.