Dodge Avenger: Storage - Understanding the features of your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Storage

Driver’s Side Sunglass Holder — If Equipped

An integrated sunglass holder is located in the headlinerabove the sun visor. To access the sunglass holder, lowerthe sun visor. Small items such as toll tickets can bestored between the two straps, while sunglasses or otheritems can be stored above the two straps.

Sunglass Holder

Sunglass Holder

Cargo Area

The 60/40 split-folding rear seat provides cargo-carryingversatility. The seatbacks fold down easily by pullingnylon tabs between the seatbacks and the bolsters. Whenthe seats are folded down, they provide a continuous,nearly flat extension of the load floor.

When the seatback is folded to the upright position, makesure it is latched by strongly pulling on the top of theseatback above the seat strap.


• Be certain that the seatback is securely locked intoposition. If the seatback in not securely lockedinto position, the seat will not provide the properstability for child seats and/or passengers. Animproperly latched seat could cause serious injury.

• The cargo area in the rear of the vehicle (with therear seatbacks in the locked-up or folded downposition) should not be used as a play area bychildren when the vehicle is in motion. They couldbe seriously injured in an accident. Childrenshould be seated and using the proper restraintsystem.

• To help protect against personal injury, passengersshould not be seated in the rear cargo area. Therear cargo space is intended for load carryingpurposes only, not for passengers, who should sitin seats and use seat belts.

• The weight and position of cargo and passengerscan change the vehicle center of gravity and vehiclehandling. To avoid loss of control resultingin personal injury, follow these guidelines forloading your vehicle:

Always place cargo evenly on the cargo floor. Put heavierobjects as low and as far forward as possible.

Place as much cargo as possible in front of the rear axle.

Too much weight or improperly placed weight over orbehind the rear axle can cause the rear of the vehicle tosway.

Do not pile luggage or cargo higher than the top of theseatback. This could impair visibility or become a dangerousprojectile in a sudden stop or collision.

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