Dodge Avenger: Vehicle security alarm — if equipped - Things to know before starting your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Vehicle security alarm — if equipped

The Vehicle Security Alarm monitors the doors and trunkfor unauthorized entry and ignition switch for unauthorizedoperation.

If something triggers the alarm, the Vehicle SecurityAlarm will signal for about 18 minutes. For the first threeminutes, the horn will sound intermittently and theheadlights, park lamps and/or turn signals will flash andthe Vehicle Security Light in the cluster will flash. Thenthe exterior lights will flash for another 15 minutes.

Rearming The System

If something triggers the alarm, and no action is taken todisarm it, the Vehicle Security Alarm will turn off thehorn after three minutes, turn off all of the visual signalsafter 15 minutes, and then the Vehicle Security Alarm willrearm itself.

To Arm The System

1. Remove the keys from the ignition switch and get outof the vehicle.

2. Lock the door using either the power door lock switch(one door must be open) or the LOCK button on theRemote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter (doors can beopen or closed), and close all doors.

NOTE: The Vehicle Security Alarm will not arm if youlock the doors with the manual door lock plungers.

3. The Vehicle Security Light in the instrument clusterwill flash for 16 seconds. This shows that the VehicleSecurity Alarm is arming. During this period, if a door isopened, the ignition switch is turned ON, or the powerdoor locks are unlocked in any manner, the VehicleSecurity Alarm will automatically disarm.


• During the 16 second arming period, if a door isopened or the ignition switch is turned ON, theVehicle Security Alarm will automatically disarm.

• Once armed, the Vehicle Security Alarm disables theunlock switch on the driver door trim panel andpassenger door trim panel, the trunk release button onthe instrument panel, and the HomeLink /GarageDoor Opener (if equipped).

To Disarm The System

Either press the UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitteror insert a valid Sentry Key into the ignition lockcylinder and turn the key to the ON/START position.


• The driver’s door key cylinder and the trunk button onthe RKE transmitter cannot arm or disarm the VehicleSecurity Alarm.

• The Vehicle Security Alarm remains armed duringtrunk entry. Pressing the trunk button will not disarmthe Vehicle Security Alarm. If someone enters thevehicle through the trunk and opens any door, thealarm will sound.

The Vehicle Security Alarm is designed to protect yourvehicle; however, you can create conditions where theVehicle Security Alarm will give you a false alarm. If oneof the previously described arming sequences has occurred,the Vehicle Security Alarm will arm regardless ofwhether you are in the vehicle or not. If you remain in thevehicle and open a door, the alarm will sound. If thisoccurs, disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm.

If the Vehicle Security Alarm is armed and the batterybecomes disconnected the Vehicle Security Alarm willremain armed when the battery is reconnected. Theexterior lights will flash, and the horn will sound. If thisoccurs, disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm.

Tamper Alert

If the alarm was triggered, but the warning signals havetimed out, the park and taillights flash three times(instead of the normal twice), and the horn will chirpthree times, when unlocking the vehicle with a valid RKEtransmitter to alert the driver.

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