Ford Fusion: Windscreen wipers - Wipers and washers - Ford Fusion Owners manualFord Fusion: Windscreen wipers

Intermittent wiping

Windscreen wipersSingle wipe AIntermittent wiping or autowipers BNormal wiping CHigh speed wiping D

Select wipe interval with rotary switch: 1= Short time interval. 6 = Extended timeinterval.

Intermittent wiping

Select wipe interval with rotary switch: 1= Short time interval. 6 = Extended timeinterval.



In icy conditions, make sure that thewindscreen has been fully defrostedbefore selecting autowipers.

Switch off the autowipers featurebefore entering a car wash.

Replace the wiper blades as soonas they begin to leave bands ofwater and smears or when they donot completely remove water from thewindscreen. If the blades are notreplaced, the rain sensor will continue todetect water on the windscreen. This willresult in the wipers continuing to operatealthough the majority of the windscreenis dry.

Note: The autowipers feature is intendedfor use during wet weather conditionsonly and is very sensitive to anythingwhich touches the windscreen near tothe rain sensor. Objects such as dirt, mistor flies hitting the windscreen in thislocation may cause the wipers to wipeeven though the windscreen is mostly dry.

Note: The autowipers feature should notbe selected when it is snowing, foggy orwhen the roads have been salted. Inthese weather conditions, select analternative position if necessary.

When autowipers is selected, the wiperswill cycle once regardless of whether thewindscreen is wet or dry. Thereafter, orwhen the ignition is switched on withautowipers selected, the wipers will notcycle until water is detected on thewindscreen. Alternatively, move the leverto another position and then selectautowipers, or operate the washer.

The rain sensor will continuously measurethe amount of water on the windscreenand adjust the speed of the front wipersautomatically (single wipe, intermittent,normal or high speed wiping).

The sensitivity of the rain sensor is setusing the rotary control:

The sensitivity of the rain sensor is setusing the rotary control:

1 = High sensitivity: The wipers will wipeeven if only a small amount of water isdetected on the windscreen.

6 = Low sensitivity: The wipers will onlywipe when a larger amount of water isdetected on the windscreen.

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