Dodge Avenger: Windshield wipers and washers - Understanding the features of your vehicle - Dodge Avenger Owners ManualDodge Avenger: Windshield wipers and washers

The wipers and washers are operated by a switchon the control lever. The lever

The wipers and washers are operated by a switchon the control lever. The lever is located on theright side of the steering column.

Windshield Wiper/Washer

Windshield Wiper/Washer Lever

Rotate the end of the lever to the LO position forlow-speed wiper operation, or to the HI position forhigh-speed wiper operation.

Changing Wiper Speeds

Changing Wiper Speeds

NOTE: The wipers will automatically return to the parkposition if you turn the ignition switch OFF while theyare operating. The wipers will resume operation whenyou turn the ignition switch to the ON position again.


• Turn the windshield wipers off when drivingthrough an automatic car wash. Damage to thewindshield wipers may result if the wiper controlis left in any position other than off.

• Always remove any buildup of snow that preventsthe windshield wiper blades from returning to theoff position. If the windshield wiper control isturned off and the blades cannot return to the offposition, damage to the wiper motor may occur.

Intermittent Wiper System

Use the intermittent wiper system when weather conditionsmake a single wiping cycle with a variable pausebetween cycles desirable. Rotate the end of the windshieldwiper/washer control lever to the first detent, andthen turn the end of the lever to select the desired delayinterval. There are five delay settings, which allow you toregulate the wipe interval from a minimum of one cycleevery second to a maximum of approximately 18 secondsbetween cycles.

Changing Intermittent

Changing Intermittent Settings

NOTE: The wiper delay times depend on vehicle speed.

If the vehicle is moving less than 10 mph (16 km/h),delay times will be doubled.

Windshield Washers

To use the washer, pull the windshield wiper/washercontrol lever toward you and hold it for as long aswasher spray is desired.

If you activate the washer while the wiper control is inthe delay range, the wipers will operate in low-speed fortwo wipe cycles after releasing the lever and then resumethe intermittent interval previously selected.

If you activate the washer while the wiper control is inthe off position, the wipers will operate for two wipecycles and then turn off.


Sudden loss of visibility through the windshieldcould lead to an accident. You might not see othervehicles or other obstacles. To avoid sudden icing ofthe windshield during freezing weather, warm thewindshield with defroster before and during windshieldwasher use.

Mist Feature

Push down on the wiper control lever to activate a singlewipe to clear the windshield of road mist or spray froma passing vehicle. As long as the lever is held down, thewipers will continue to operate.

Mist Control

Mist Control

Headlights With Wipers Feature (Available With Automatic Headlights Only)

When this feature is active, the headlights will turn onapproximately 10 seconds after the wipers are turned onif the multifunction lever (on the left side of the steeringcolumn) is placed in the AUTO position. In addition, theheadlights will turn off when the wipers are turned off ifthey were turned on by this feature.

The headlights with wipers feature can be turned on oroff through the Electronic Vehicle Information Center(EVIC) — if equipped. Refer to “Electronic Vehicle InformationCenter (EVIC)/Personal Settings (Customer-Programmable Features)” in “Understanding Your InstrumentPanel” for further information.

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