Nissan Maxima: Speedometer and odometer - Instruments and controls - Nissan Maxima Owners ManualNissan Maxima: Speedometer and odometer

 Speedometer and
 Speedometer and odometer


The speedometer indicates the vehicle speed.

 Odometer/Twin trip odometer

The odometer/twin trip odometer is displayed when the ignition switch is placed in the ON position.

The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven.

The twin trip odometer records the distance of individual trips.

Changing the display

Push the change button (3)- to change the display as follows:

Resetting the trip odometer:

Resetting the trip odometer:

Push the change button for more than 1 second to reset the currently displayed trip odometer to zero.

Elapsed time, driving distance and average speed information is also available. Refer to Control panel buttons in the Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems section in this manual.

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