Mazda Mazda6: Bluetooth Hands-Free

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What is Bluetooth Hands-Free?

Bluetooth Hands-Free Outline

By connecting a Bluetooth equipped device (Mobile phone) to the hands-free unit equipped on the vehicle, making and receiving calls are possible using the talk button, pick-up button and hang-up button located on the steering wheel, and saying the voice commands.


Perform phonebook registration related operations while the vehicle is parked:

Performing phonebook registration while driving the vehicle could be a distraction to your driving and result in an accident. In addition, a mistake in performing the phonebook operation could result in the loss of important data.

Bluetooth equipped device (Mobile phone)

A Bluetooth equipped device (Mobile phone) communicates with the hands-free unit equipped on the vehicle using radio transmission (Bluetooth).

For example, if the device (Mobile phone) is placed in a coat pocket, the phone calls can be made through your mobile service without direct use of the device (Mobile phone).


The types of devices (Mobile phone) which can be connected to the hands-free unit are limited, so before purchasing or changing your device (Mobile phone) model, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Devices (Mobile phone) which can be connected to the hands-free system need to be compliant with Bluetooth specifications and the appropriate profile, however, even among these Bluetooth devices (Mobile phone) are some which will not connect with your Mazda or will have limited function. Therefore, consult Mazda Bluetooth Hands-Free Customer Service for information regarding device (Mobile phone) compatibility:

Phone: 800-430-0153 Web: bluetooth

Applicable Bluetooth specification

Ver. 2.0 or higher

Response profile

- HFP (Hands Free Profile) Ver. 1.5.

- DUN (Dial-up Networking Profile) Ver. 1.1.

- PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) Ver. 1.0.

- A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Ver. 1.0.

- AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) Ver. 1.0.

Bluetooth is the registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. Inc.

Bluetooth is the registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. Inc.


- If the ignition is turned off (LOCK) during a hands-free call, the line is transferred to the device (Mobile phone) automatically.

- If the device (Mobile phone) is in a location where radio reception is difficult such as a metal container or in the trunk, the call may not be connected using Bluetooth. If communication is not possible, change the location of the device (Mobile phone).

Component Parts

Bluetooth Hands-Free consists of the following parts:

- Talk button.

- Pick-up button.

- Hang-up button.

- Information display.

- Microphone.

- Audio unit/Navigation system.

Talk button, Pick-Up button and Hang- Up button

Basic functions of Bluetooth Hands-Free can be used such as making calls or hanging

Basic functions of Bluetooth Hands-Free can be used such as making calls or hanging up using the talk button, pick-up button and hang-up button on the steering wheel.

Talk button operations

A short press or a long press of the talk button is used depending on the operation status as follows:

- Short press (Press the button less than 0.7 sec.).

- Long press (Press the button 0.7 sec. or more.).

Information display

Telephone numbers, Bluetooth Hands- Free messages, and operation status are displayed.



The microphone is used for speaking voice commands or exchanging conversation.

The microphone is used for speaking voice commands or exchanging conversation.

Audio unit/Navigation system

The audio unit or navigation system is used for adjusting the volume.


To prevent the deterioration in voice recognition rate and voice quality, the following points must be observed:

- It is not necessary to face the microphone or approach it. Speak the voice commands while maintaining a safe driving position.

- Close the windows and/or the moonroof to reduce loud noises from outside the vehicle, or turn down the airflow of the climate control system while Bluetooth Hands-Free is being used. Voice recognition may not function correctly or voice quality may deteriorate under the following conditions.

    - A passenger is speaking.

    - Driving with the window and/or the moonroof open.

    - Driving on bumpy roads.

    - Noise outside of the vehicle is loud.

(Construction sites, inside tunnels, excess oncoming traffic, or heavy rain.).

    - Operation noise from turn signals, wipers, or the horn is heard.

    - A/C airflow is strong or wind is blowing on the microphone.

    - There is noise coming from cargo loaded in the vehicle.

- Voice commands may not be recognized depending on the voice. If the voice commands are not recognized correctly, repeat the commands in a louder voice, at a natural pace, as if speaking to another person.

- Dialects or different wording other than hands-free prompts cannot be recognized by voice recognition. Speak in the wording specified by the voice commands.

Please be aware that the voice recognition may error despite following the above points.

Function Restrictions While Using Bluetooth Hands-Free

Functions are limited as follows while Bluetooth Hands-Free is being used.

- Beep sound and voice guidance related to the audio unit and navigation system are not heard.

- Beep sound related to the A/C operation is not heard.

- The navigation system's voice recognition command does not function.

How to Use This Section

Descriptions in the text are as follows:

Say: Voice commands to be spoken by you.

Prompt: Voice guidance output from the speaker.

A beep sound [Beep] is output from the speaker. Speak after the beep sound is heard.


Say: [Beep] “Dial”.

Prompt: “Number, please”.

Say: [Beep] “XXXXXXXXXXX (Ex. “555-1234”) (Telephone number)”.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Activation Method

Without the navigation system

Press the pick-up button or talk button (Short press).

With the navigation system

Method 1

Press the pick-up button.

Method 2

1. Press the talk button (Short press).

2. Say: [Beep] “Telephone” or “Phone”.

The hands-free system is activated.

Functions of the hands-free telephone, such as making and receiving calls, can be used after the activation. (For details on the telephone functions, refer to “Basic Bluetooth Hands-Free Operation” or “Convenient Use of the Hands-Free System”.).


(With the navigation system).

When the talk button is pressed with a long press, the hands-free system is activated without having to speak “Telephone” or “Phone”.

For vehicles with a navigation system, the navigation system is activated by speaking the voice recognition command of the navigation system after pressing the talk button (Short press). For voice recognition details with the navigation system, refer to the separate “NAVIGATION SYSTEM MANUAL”.


The tutorial explains how to use Bluetooth Hands-Free.

To activate the tutorial, do the following:

1. Activate Bluetooth Hands-Free.

2. Say: [Beep] “Tutorial”.

3. Follow the prompts to receive the appropriate voice guidance instructions.


The Bluetooth Hands-Free system transitions to idling status if the following operation is performed while the system is activating.

Press the hang-up button, or the talk button (Long press).