Toyota Camry: Conditions under which the Blind Spot Monitor will not detect a vehicle - BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) - Using other driving systems - When driving - Toyota Camry Owners ManualToyota Camry: Conditions under which the Blind Spot Monitor will not detect a vehicle

The Blind Spot Monitor is not designed to detect the following types of vehicles and/or objects:
●Vehicles traveling from the opposite direction
●Small motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians etc.*
●Guardrails, walls, signs, parked vehicles and similar stationary objects*
●Following vehicles that are in the same lane*
●Vehicles driving 2 lanes across from your vehicle*
*: Depending on conditions, detection of a vehicle and/or object may occur

    The Blind Spot Monitor will detect a vehicle when
    ●A vehicle in an adjacent lane overtakes your vehicle. ●Another vehicle enters the vehicles detection area when it changes lanes. ...

    Conditions under which the Blind Spot Monitor may not function correctly
    ●The Blind Spot Monitor may not detect vehicles correctly in the following conditions: • During bad weather such as heavy rain, fog, snow etc. • When ice, mud etc. is attached to the rea ...

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